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Forthcoming Concerts & Programmes
Rehearsal venues
Concert venues
Selling concert tickets
Concert dress
Management of the Orchestra
Players privacy statement

Forthcoming Concerts & Programmes

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Saturday 22nd June 2024 - Sheldonian

Sarah Frances Jenkins - (new work, title to be confirmed)
3333 4431 timp perc×4 harp strings
Woodwind are 3*3*3*3* but doublings/additional not known yet.
Percussion includes tam-tam, cymbals & glockenspiel.

Elgar - Cello Concerto in E minor
2*222 4231 timp strings
Soloist: Finn Anderson-Hendra

Vaughan Williams - Symphony no.2 in G "A London Symphony"
3*3*3*3* 44*31 timp perc×4 harp strings

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Spring 2024

Saturday 16th March 2024 - Oxford Town Hall

Verdi - Overture to La Forza del Destino
2222 4231 timp perc harp×2 strings
Cimbasso originally instead of tuba.
Cymbals as well as bass drum for Gran Cassa

Bloch - Violin Concerto
3*3*3*3* 4331 timp perc×2 harp celeste strings
Soloist: Hana Mizuta Spencer

Rachmaninov - Symphonic Dances
3*3*3*3* 4331 timp perc×5 sax harp piano strings
Bass clarinet doubling alto sax.
Piano in movements 1 & 2 only.
Minimal percussion in 2nd movement.

Rehearsal schedule (or download a pdf)

Rehearsals are 7.15-9.45pm (note the different times!) on Tuesdays at Greyfriars School, except where indicated. Strings are required at all rehearsals; other players, as indicated (see below).

If you are unable to attend any rehearsal, be sure to inform your section leader, and if for any reason you anticipate being absent more than two rehearsals for any concert please notify your section leader as far in advance as possible.

16thJanuary 7.15pm Rachmaninov 1
8.45pm Bloch 1
3333 4000 harp
3333 4000 harp
23rdJanuary 7.15pm Rachmaninov 3
9.00pm Verdi
3333 4000 harp
2222 4000 harp
30thJanuary 7.15pm Rachmaninov 2
8.45pm Bloch 3,2
3333 4000 harp
3333 4000 harp
6thFebruary Sectionals
Violins/Violas: Mariette Richter
Cellos/Basses: Robert Max
Woodwinds: Dougie Mitchell
Horns: Tim Anderson (21st Feb)

13thFebruary Half term — no rehearsal
20thFebruary 7.15pm Verdi
8.45pm Bloch
2222 4000 harp
3333 4000 harp celeste
27thFebruary 7.15pm Bloch with soloist 3333 4331 timp harp celeste
5thMarch 7.15pm Rachmaninov
9.00pm Verdi
3333 4331 timp perc×5 harp piano
2222 4331 harp
12thMarch 7.15pm Rachmaninov
9.00pm Verdi
3333 4331 timp perc×5 harp piano
2222 4331 timp perc×1 harp
16thMarch 3.30pm Rachmaninov
4.30pm Bloch
5.40pm Verdi

7.30pm Concert
Tutti as required,
in Oxford Town Hall

Summer 2024

  • 16 April - first rehearsal
  • 21 May - sectionals (tbc)
  • 28 May - half term (no rehearsal)
  • 18 June - last rehearsal
  • Saturday 22 June - concert at the Sheldonian

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One of the contributions that players make to the running of the orchestra is the payment of an annual or termly subscription. The 2023/24 rates remain the same as last year, at:

Annual fee: £192, or three payments of £64 per term
Students and unwaged: £22 per term.

Players who feel able to do so are invited to pay at a higher rate or make additional contributions, by topping up their payments or by sponsoring a particular activity.

Subscription payments, due at first rehearsal of term, may be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash. Rates are reviewed annually.

If you are UK tax payer, the orchestra (being a registered charity) can claim back tax you have paid on your subscription payments. This generates significant extra income for the orchestra. So, if you pay tax, please ensure that you complete a declaration form. Further details about payments and tax declaration forms are available from the Membership Secretary, Catherine Hartley.

Exceptionally, where a player has circumstances of particular personal hardship, a case for temporary reduction of fees can be considered by the Chair of the orchestra.

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Rehearsal venues

Greyfriars School:

Main Hall, Cricket Road, Oxford, OX4 3DR
Google map
School site plan (pdf)
Please note that new LTN's (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) have appeared around the Cowley/Florence Park area and access to the school can now only be made from the Cowley Rd side. Cornwallis Rd, Rymer's Lane & Little Hay Rd are now blocked and are no through roads. Access to the School is via a one-way loop road off Cricket Road. By car from Cowley Road, turn into Shelley Road. Take the second left turn into Cricket Road and then the first right into the School. There is ample parking but only vehicles carrying very heavy instruments (i.e. harps, timpani and other large percussion instruments) may be brought along the pedestrian walkway to the Main Hall (c.150 metres) for unloading and loading. During rehearsals vehicles must be returned to car park spaces. Please depart promptly after rehearsals as the external gates are locked at 10:15pm. Also note that the whole school site is a 'no smoking' area and that the contract to use the premises is immediately cancelled for a hiring organisation if anyone associated with it is found smoking on site.

We have received a firm reminder from Greyfriar's about which area of the car park the Orchestra is expected to occupy on Tuesday evenings; please could you kindly look at the map (below), and be sure to park within the designated area (the L-shaped area outlined in yellow), & not in the reserved area (the rectangle outlined in red) which belongs to a different school:

parking areas

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Concert venues

Oxford Town Hall: St Aldates, Oxford OX1 1BX Directions, Map, Travel and Parking information

Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford: Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3AZ Map and directions

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The committee runs a OSO noticeboard where adverts may be placed with regards to further musical opportunities.

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Selling concert tickets

Players are expected to take an active part in promoting concerts and selling tickets to friends and family. Tickets sold in advance by players are available at discounted rates: £16 standard tickets reduced to £14, Over 60s £14 tickets reduced to £12.

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Concert dress

Women: long black; Men: Dinner Jacket, white shirt, black tie

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Management of the Orchestra

A committee of orchestra members meets three times a year to discuss and agree plans. Speak to any one of us on the committee if there is something you feel we should consider or if you'd like to help in some way with running the orchestra. If you've got thoughts about repertoire or music you feel would be good to play, do talk to Robert Max.

Orchestra members have an annual general meeting in November or December when new committee members are elected and ideas can be discussed by everyone. The present committee members are:

Sally Maitlis - Chair
Lorna Softley - Secretary
Matthias Winkel - Treasurer
Dominic Knight - Concert Manager
Sally Prime - Librarian
Helen Kidd - Marketing and Publicity
Catherine Hartley - Membership Secretary
Jill Bailey
Robert Max - Musical Director (in attendance)
Mariette Richter - Leader (in attendance)

Other roles include:

Sharon Curtis - Website (contact via
Paul Johnson - Programmes
Grace Lane - Truck
Graham Wright - Social Media (contact via

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Players' Privacy Statement

Why do we need your data ? We need to collect and store some details about you so that we can inform you about orchestra matters and organise and promote our activities. We will not use your data for any other purpose without your consent. We will never give it to third parties and if another player asks for your contact details we will only ever share them with your consent.

We only collect the data we need This may include, your name, email address, payment and Gift Aid information, phone number, postal address, bank details, photographic/video images. We review what data we have on members every two years and remove it if we no longer need it. If you leave the group, we’ll make sure we stop using and/or delete any data we don’t need to keep (e.g. for financial reporting).

Queries and updating/removal of data At any time you can ask to view, update or correct any data we hold on you. You can also ask that we stop using your data or that we erase it. To request any of these, please contact the Chair of the orchestra.

By playing in Oxford Symphony Orchestra you acknowledge and agree to use of your data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

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